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Remembered this when I saw https://lobste.rs/s/nmp9rg/the_little_redis_book


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    Dup, actually: https://lobste.rs/s/ad4bzy/a_little_riak_book. (Not that it matters, some links are worth reposting.)

    Wonder why the dup detector missed that?

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      For some reason, I thought it was 3 or 6 months, but it’s actually 30-day window.

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        Inside of 30 days it will not allow the URL to be reposted, but after 30 days it still shows a warning message to the submitter with a link to the old story. It’s up to the submitter to decide whether it’s worth reposting again.

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          I saw the warning and reposted it to ride on the coat tails of “The Little Redis Book.”

          Trying to figure out how to combine discussion forum with wiki functionality. Temporal and accretive knowledge recording along with discoverability for new comers.

          It would be cool to cluster stories by their tags. So when I am on this page, the sidebar would have list of stories with the highest number of overlapping tags by votes. t/databases+distributed in the sidebar, maybe dimmed. I have never hacked on a rails app so not sure where to start.

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