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(take a look at the announcement blog post if you’re interested in the what, why, and how of NeuroBB)


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    Bio-feedback is a fascinating topic for me. Early on people showed that you could consciously control aspects of your body (like your blood pressure) you would not think are under direct conscious control. Things that are supposed to be under the control of the “autonomous” nervous system. Recently people have gotten (re)excited about this because it is related to the challenge of figuring out how to train patients with robotic prosthetic limbs to move them by causing the correct group of peripheral nerves to fire. Even if you can hook into the original set of nerves that controlled the lost limb, you may not be able to replicate the exact original “interface”, so the patient’s brain has to learn the new interface of the robotic limb. Patients do this in a manner similar to how babies learn to control their limbs - by motor babbling - just making random movements, and then slowly refining the movements based on feedback. Yes folks. We do live in the future!