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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Inviting (via cold email) a few engineers and professors to be a guest of my podcast. Otherwise it’s just going to be a bunch of Dropboxers ranting about internal systems for the next ten episodes. Have a <10% response rate so far :-(

    If anyone works in distributed systems and is interested in talking about their systems, fun outage stories, etc. please reach out!

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      Keep in mind that 10% response rate on cold emails is not as bad as you make it sound.

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        Just finished the first episode, subscribed :)

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        Spinning up at my new job and trying to get my twitter account back.

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          What happened to your account?

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            no idea, but it claims it’s a “security” lockout. I can’t unlock it because i moved my US phone number to Twilio when I moved to canada.

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            I have my twitter account back

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              Good luck (with both!).

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                  Unfortunately I recently nuked all my Twitter accounts :( All 0 followers across locked accounts. (Also your new job is at Tailscale?!? That’s unbelievably cool, nicely done!!)

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              Adding content to my professional homepage. Working in Vue for my day job. Beginning to learn Clojure. Surfing.

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                Trying to stay motivated on my side project. Trying to monetize it has made it a lot less fun to work on and generally been stressing me out. There’s a new self-imposed pressure to put out features as quickly as possible. Probably a life lesson to be learned in this.

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                  Making something fun into a job sucks. I’ve been there. If you definitely want to monetize it, maybe htow someone else to work on it, then you can find a new side project to do just for fun.

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                  I recently made a lot of progress developing a Go database driver for GNU recfiles. It’s not 100% to specification, but the deficiencies are, in my opinion, negligible for the time being. With it now at the point where I can serialize and deserialize the database from disk, I’m planning to write some examples that use the library, add some comments to the code, and check for bugs overall

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                    Aside from coding; the vat in resin 3d printer at work had three screws stuck in dead. Drilled out and extracted two of them, the last one shattered with fragments sitting too deep. Going to drill it through and re-tap. Unfortunate as we need to do two long rounds of printing before the weekend.

                    The TAOCP box set from a popular American bookstore arrived two days early, amazing in this lolgistics year. Started on the new one (4A), it is wonderfully quirky.

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                      Work: Was on call over the weekend for testing a partner deployment and now have a few days off work, so likely pretty light on work stuff the couple days I’m “in the office” this week. Likely some planning for a big project coming down the pipe for next year, and a little exploration of some new (to me) tools.


                      • Dig into rust again for a bit. I’ve done several rounds of it but never really stuck with it enough to internalize it (Plus started out pre-1.0, so lots has changed since.)
                      • Install a new build plate on my 3d printer to try to fix some issues with leveling/z-height.
                      • Clean up the home office that has become so cluttered in the months of WFH that it’s becoming a distraction.
                      • Start working on a custom keyboard layout.
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                        A custom keyboard layout? That should like quite a bit of brain work. Are you unhappy with options like the workman layout?

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                          So I’m starting with the actual physical layout of the keys themselves… I’ll likely stick reasonably close to qwerty for logical layout, as one of the goals is preserving vim muscle memory without much config tweaking necessary.

                          I’m probably leaning towards something like an ErgoDox, but I’ve never been quite happy with modifiers/non-core keys on a stock ErgoDox, so tweaking that, as well as custom row/column pitch and perhaps some angle between columns. I’m experimenting a bit w/ some prototypes before I commit to anything.

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                        Digging into Practical TLA+ as work begins to wind down.

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                          Trying to get something useful done at work for the last week before Christmas break.

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                            Finally making significant progress on some big refactors at work:

                            • Moving off of Celery
                            • Excising grunt from our build system
                            • Getting nicer test caching in CI with bazel

                            Culmination of a lot of fun stuff

                            Personal stuff, enjoying the nice ego boost from responses to my last blog post here and on the orange site. Have another thing I’m writing up (about ADTs and Typescript) but kinda worried about it being a bit too flame-bait-y at the moment

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                              So much to do at work that I’m probably only doing that. Going to get into a new broader role to help tackle foundational issues with the code base of our client.

                              There’s as always side projects as well but I don’t think I will find time for them.

                              Start of a new D&D-Quest for my players that I need to prepare.

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                                Submitted a case-study for an job interview, getting another one by the end of the week.

                                Working on understanding scales, chords and a bit of functional harmony. I wish to build a music theory understanding in order to to read and understand “The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization” by Georges Russell.

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                                  • work
                                  • advent of code in F#
                                  • registering my consulting company (or at least doing some bureaucracy needed for registration)
                                  • writing a technical article in cooperation with a business partner (reviving my blog after a long dormant period), hopefully the first in a series
                                  • reading Elm in action
                                  • sorting out and replying to the mostly spam messages I get on LinkedIn
                                  • visiting the grave of my grandparents