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      I welcome any thoughts or recommendations on the architecture!

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        I’m working on an (not quite yet) open-source p2p syncable database where the syncing is e2ee. I think it would be perfect for your app (and it’s also written in go). Works well in mobile so I think it could be useful to you. If you’re interested in going that direction, would be happy to share some more on that.

        Otherwise, love the blog post and direction. Can’t wait to see where you’re going with this :)

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          That sounds really interesting! Please feel free to drop me a line when you feel like it’s ready.

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      BubbleTea is awesome, but gosh proper TUI development is hard! I think it would be entirely impossible without BubbleTea, but the process didn’t really mesh with my brain.

      I emphasise empathise with this a LOT. For programmatic UI in general, I really struggle. Especially with all the view/model stuff. For some reason its hard to get my head around. But by far I think BubbleTea is the one library that I almost sort of got the hang of (a little).

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        I also have always struggled with view/model as a concept. I feel like I get it intellectually, but I’ve never seen an implementation of it that I liked.

        Someday I’d like to come back and really use bubbletea though!