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I figured since we’re having “Who is hiring?” today, we could have the inverse, too

Are any Lobsters looking for work?

Attached is a template that could be useful, with some ideas for each field

Location: [City / Country | Remote]
Type of Work: [Software Engineer, QA, Project Manager, Co-founder, etc...]
Hours: [Full Time, Part Time, Contract]
Contact: XXXXX

Description: [Anything you want to say about yourself; skills, experience, etc...
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    Where was this thread two months ago when I was looking? Let’s make this a regular thing!

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      I’m thinking that doing this quarterly with the hiring threads would be nice. What do you all think?

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        Do it!

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      As I mentioned elsewhere, this thread is blatantly self-serving, but hopefully can be useful to others, too.

      For myself:

      Location: Nelson, New Zealand; remote preferred

      Type of Work: Software engineering, and/or engineering management; co-founder

      Hours: Full Time, Part Time, or Contract

      Contact: PM me through this site

      I have over 10 years of professional software engineering experience. I’ve worked in NZ, London (2 years), the Bay Area (7 years) and have moved back home to New Zealand and am currently full-time remote for an SF-based company.

      I have worked at all levels between individual contributor, team lead, and Director of Engineering; startup and Fortune 500 (the startup was acquired). I’m comfortable and capable in any of those roles - I enjoy working with people, and I still love writing code. My work has been split approximately evenly between frontend and backend, and I’m skilled with both Python and Javascript (and I’d be excited to learn more languages). The last 2 years have been spent working with React, Redux, and NodeJS. I like to think that I solve problems with simple, reliable, and thoughtful code.

      Please PM me here if it sounds like I can help you with anything - even if it’s just for networking, or to chat

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        • Location: Montreal
        • Type of Work: Junior software engineer, QA
        • Hours: Full Time
        • Contact: PM me.

        I’ve recently finished a graduate program in music, but I also have an undergrad degree in computer science and I would like to begin a career in development of some kind. My strengths are C, Python, Haskell, and my biggest interests are programming language theory/design and compilers/language implementations.

        I’ll be curious whether anybody gets helpful contacts from this thread, so you should all edit your posts if you do!

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          Location: Dunedin, New Zealand; open to relocating and remote (Dutch citizenship)
          Type of Work: Software Engineer, co-founder
          Hours: Full Time, Part tine, Contract
          Contact: martin@arp242.net or PM
          CV: https://arp242.net/cv/


          I’m currently taking a hiatus to work on some side-projects (both software and other stuff) that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I’m always interested in interesting offers.

          I’ve worked with a lot of different languages over the years, my favourites are Go and Python, but I can do pretty much anything else if needed.

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            Location: Remote (UK - Cornwall)

            Type of Work: Software Engineer

            Hours: Contract

            Contact: andrewvos.com

            Ruby developer with almost 20 years experience. I can do Golang, Node, and any sort of front end stuff. Also pretty good at “devops” type stuff. I have spent the last year working on a node project, and would really like to go back to Rails.

            I’m currently on a break fixing up the house I’ve just moved into with my wife. Doing a heavy amount of DIY, but also starting to miss my vim :(

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              Location: Göteborg, Sweden

              Type of Work: Software Engineer // Technical Coach

              Hours: Full time

              Contact: Send me a lobstergram

              I’ve been working with software for the last ten years and was playing with software for about as long before that. I’ve mostly been involved in startups and smaller companies and have lots of experience scaling a team from two developers to a roomful. Building prototypes and shipping early is one of my great professional joys. Python, Ruby and Elixir are my strongest languages but I’ve been known to cause trouble using Javascript, C and very small shell scripts.

              Lately I’ve been mixing my code work with coaching. I’ve coached and held 1on1s with a team of about ten developers to help them work smarter and build better software together. For my next job I can see myself doing more of that, but I would be very happy focusing fully on shipping code too. I live and work in Göteborg but am open to moving and/or working remote if the right opportunity comes along.

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                Location: Ithaca, New York or remote

                Type of Work: Software Engineer

                Hours: Contract

                Contact: scott@scottnelson.co / https://github.com/scttnlsn

                I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past decade doing a mix of application development, backend systems and infrastructure and a little bit of embedded systems work. I’m most comfortable with Ruby, Python, Clojure, JavaScript, Postgres, Linux but I’m certainly open to other technologies as well. While I have less professional experience in this domain, I’m quite interested in statistics, data modeling and machine learning. I have a degree in math and computer science FWIW.

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                  • Location: Europe / Remote
                  • Type of work: WordPress, React
                  • Hours: Full time, part time, contract
                  • Contact: bartus.csongor@gmail.com

                  I’m specialized in WordPress best practices both on back-end and front-end. Either creating new sites / apps or refactoring age old codebases.

                  Recently I’ve switched my homemade front-end framework and design system (gulp, bem, scss) to React. So far it’s the future.

                  And, I do UI / UX design. Works featured on Brutalist Websites and WordPress Theme Store.

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                    • Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
                    • Type of Work: Junior Dev, Junior Software Engineer, QA
                    • Hours: Full-time
                    • Contact: rocx [at] rocx [dot] rocks or through lobste.rs PM.

                    I’m graduating with my bachelors for computer programming in a couple of months and would like to put those college years to use. My “expertise” lies primarily in Java with a small dash of Ruby.

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                      Do you have any experience doing web development? If so, what sort?

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                      I’ve worked almost the full stack, from enterprise cloud databases to web apps. Looking for something high level and challenging, perhaps a startup. I’m really flexible. I like functional programming too, Haskell and Clojure mostly.

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                        Location: New York City, NY, USA

                        Type of Work: Software Engineer

                        Hours: Full Time

                        Contact: Linkedin Github

                        Description: I’m a developer with experience in both the corporate and startup space. I have experience in a wide range of business and technical domains, and am always looking for something interesting.

                        I’m comfortable working in almost all languages or environments, front-end or back-end. I enjoy taking business concepts and strategies from words in a meeting, to live production code.

                        Statically typed functional programming is my passion, and I have experience bringing this into teams and realising the benefits.

                        I’m looking for roles in NYC that use FP, but am open to anything really.

                        Please PM me here, or email if you have anything you think might be a good fit.

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                          Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA. Dying to relocate, eyeing Seattle, but nothing is off the table

                          Type of Work: Software Engineer

                          Hours: Full Time

                          Contact: zmitchell [at] fastmail [dot] com, send me a PM here, GitHub

                          Description: I’m finishing up my PhD in physics this summer (shooting for June or July, fingers crossed), and I’m eager to jump into some kind of engineering role. I’ve been programming in one form or another for about 8 years. My main languages are Python and Rust, though I’m always looking for an excuse to learn a new language.

                          There’s no real substitute for experience, so if you’re looking for someone at a senior level, I’m probably not a good fit. That said, I certainly think I’m a competent engineer. I see myself growing rapidly in the first few months on the job, and you’re going to have to look really hard to find someone more eager to learn than I am. Some people listen to music or podcasts while they do the dishes. I watch Strange Loop talks.

                          I’m looking for work that I can really sink my teeth into, and systems programming seems to be what I gravitate towards. There’s something about the idea of making something as robust, reliable, and efficient as possible that really scratches an itch for me, though there’s obviously a time and place to just make things work.

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                            Location: Portland, OR/Remote

                            Type of work: Data architecture, tech management, tech middle management

                            Hours: Full time

                            Contact: PM me here

                            Description: Over 20 years experience, including dev (focused on data, particularly RDBMS), DBA, and management. Currently managing an org (entirely remote) of between 15-20 people (still waiting on q1 hiring budget …), handling operations and administration of hadoop, greenplum, postgresql, ms-sql, anything else that people have installed without telling us, etc.

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                              Location: North of England

                              Type of work: Software Engineer, C, Linux, bash, maybe kernel, robotics, computer vision, ML

                              Hours: Full time

                              Contact: PM me through this site

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                                Location: Brooklyn | Remote

                                Type of Work: Software Engineer

                                Hours: Contract / Agency

                                Contact: my first name (libby) at my company’s domain, or use the contact form on positiondev.com

                                Description: My company Position Development has some openings in our schedule in May. You can hire up to four experienced full-stack developers to work on:

                                • legacy code! We are awesome at improving and adding new features to legacy codebases.
                                • prototypes! We’ve can help you build an MVP for your startup.
                                • upgrades! We can upgrade your ancient Rails or Node app.
                                • functional programming! We have experience with Haskell in production!

                                It’s a long shot because probably nobody here is thinking of hiring a contracting team but anyway I think it would fun to work with somebody from Lobsters. :D