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    What a cheesy name.

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      I think it’s quite gouda.

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        Such a munsterous attempt at a joke.

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          Glad to see that this place has a sense of humor, unlike that other place… :)

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            They cantal have our levity.

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            I’m flagging this entire chain as off-topic, and encourage others to do the same. This isn’t reddit.

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              You mean, this place isn’t full of humourless censorious moderators who can’t distinguish between malicious trolling and good-natured pun-filled banter?

              I agree, and long may that continue :)

              In the meantime I’d suggest downing a $BEVERAGE or two and chilling the fsck out.

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                It’s true, my comment and its replies are off-topic and that’s why I hesitated to post it at first. However, I’m not sure I see a difference between my comment and yours here, both are jokes only tangentially related to the story being discussed. Could you describe why you felt your comment had its place on lobste.rs while this comment chain doesn’t?

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                  I actually hesitated before posting that, but decided that the CSS reference within it just put it over the line into admissibility. Nobody flagged it off-topic, but in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have posted it.

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                    Lighten up, buddy.

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          Having this available is actually pretty exciting. The fact that it doesn’t do encryption itself is a little limiting, though. On my personal machines, I’ll probably install Pantalaimon to get it working (and give encryption support to Fractal, too), but that’s not so much an option for my Windows machine at work.

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            Encryption is pretty rare on third party implementations of matrix from what I’ve seen. I don’t know if the protocol is difficult or if people don’t feel up to the task of implementing it.

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              Well, you know what they say about implementing encryption yourself. :)

              One issue is that libolm is not usable from within Emacs, unless someone were to write a wrapper to use it as a dynamic module. Even then, there would still be much potential to make mistakes that would result in weaknesses. Then there are all the complex UX issues regarding key management, verification, etc. Since Pantalaimon is available and works well, it seems like a good solution.