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      At first I thought it’s just completely other thing, but right when I read first lines of README, my head blown.

      Actually, I had some experience with Love2D engine (it’s simple Lua-based environment), mostly gamejam-wise, but I heard it’s used seriously in some indie projects ([citation needed], though…).

      To be honest, it’s not a “true” DOS game engine – packaged games need to be launched wia CWSDPMI which is basically an x86 protected mode handler for DOS, so it allows you to use your machine resources without giving a crap about high memory, low memory, extended memory and that crazy 640K thing. The problem is, if you wanted to write a game on your Tandy 1000, PCJr, or some PC XT with 286/386 and EGA/early VGA, you might not succeed.

      With this DPMI/DOS4GW thing, some “AAA” games were still using DOS in Win9x era, even for early 2000s, just because Windows APIs were crappy and DirectX was in baby ages yet. This also allowed some people to “port” UNIX/Linux software back to DOS, for example MPlayer, IRC clients, Vim and sometimes even non-GUI “Windows” applications with NT calls (but not WinAPI).

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      If you’re after some more DOS nostalgia, you might like: http://www.doshaven.eu/

      I love the fact that people are still making games for DOS. I’ve been playing a bit of this: http://www.doshaven.eu/game/ptakovina/ (from 2017!)

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        No. of games: 121

        Isn’t that a bit too small for DOS games released since 2001? It can’t even compare to number Commodore 64 games released in that time, not even mentioning the Atari XL/XE scene (they release about 50 full-featured games per year!)… I thought the DOS homebrew gamedev has many unique and solid titles, while you posted just some generic Tetris clone in ANSI-backed textmode.

        That’s a bit sad for me, I was sure the DOS is still used for “retro” gamedev until now with the same power as Amiga or 8-bit micros.

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