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    The successful applicant will be hired as freelancer (independent contractor) through the Mozilla Foundation’s third-party service Upwork (www.upwork.com).

    Terrible idea, for a corporation with a revenue of $520,000,000 in 2016. Upwork is extremely humiliating for programmers.

    For hourly contracts they take random snapshots of your desktop in 10 minutes intervals and they measure your mouse movements and key presses to show your activity, because design doesn’t matter, only implementation. Then they take a 2.75% cut from the client, a 20% cut from the freelancer plus extra wire transfer fees when your hard earned funds are available, some 4 weeks later, after they earned interest for Upwork.

    Then they decided to punish those freelancers who did not upload silly promotional videos on their profiles by forcing them to have video calls for “verification” or get suspended from the platform.

    Fuck Upwork and fuck Mozilla.

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      Ugh, yes. I can totally see why they hire through external agencies, but this is totally at miss with their stated goals. Even if they don’t use the feature (it’s not necessary on fixed contracts), they shouldn’t work with a company that even does this. Independent whether this even makes sense or not.

      (Yeah, and it’s complete bullshit, as - especially in programming - my thinking time needs to be paid)