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    Related reading: https://libraryofbabel.info/ (all possible texts in a semi-infinite library, but as a result the “location” of each text stores all the the entropy and gets very long)

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      Might want to fix the title so it’s not “way new way”

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        Um, am I missing sonme sarcasm or a hidden joke? It days “dumb new way” for me?

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          It’s the Lobsters moderation log; the title was fixed

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        I seriously don’t know what to think about good. It has quite a few technical flaws in it. But it definitely is something not often seen.

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          it’s pretty much using tinyurl to host the data for them. more parasitic than anything really innovative.

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            Yes, that and claims like “it takes less space” and all. Still, the idea is cool; you can have information in a bunch of links, but without a key or something to decipher with, it’s hidden.