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Scrivenvar is an open source, Java-based, desktop Markdown editor that can edit R Markdown files courtesy of Renjin. The editor’s software architecture is different than most other Markdown editors, allowing users to edit XML, Markdown, R Markdown, and other combinations.

The documentation provides an overview of how to use the integrated R engine.

Once Java 14 is installed, download the application then run it using:

java -jar scrivenvar.jar

Would appreciate your thoughts and feedback on Beta 8, especially with regards to importing interpolated string definitions from YAML files. Additionally, I’m considering moving away from Java and JavaFX; what platform would you recommend (e.g., VS Code) to make a cross-platform application that can easily integrate R, XML, XSLT, Markdown, and externalized interpolated string definitions similar to Scrivenvar?

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    Upvoting because I appreciate the pun in the name and because I love text editors.