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    The leading theory is that don’t actually have a way to break into it, instead this is because they don’t want the All Writs Act challenged in the Supreme Court. If it was successfully challenged they wouldn’t be able to use it for wiretapping, demands for ISP records, and many other things they like to use it for.

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      This seems plausible, but there is a security hole in iMessage that has been disclosed to Apple, so…

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        The politicians probably use iPhones.

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        Plus, they probably want to tarnish Apple’s PR image about “we care about our customer’s security!” as a revenge for them not following orders.

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        Oh I do so hope Apple counter whacks them with a DMCA suite for reversing engineering a protection mechanism…….

        …. my sense of Schadenfreude would know no bounds.

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            Would’ve been funny. ?