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Just a thought.

‘g s’ => search

‘g u’ => submit

‘g c’ => comments

‘g r’ => recent

‘g h’ => home

The usual ‘j’, ‘k’, ‘h’, ‘l’.

Not really sure how easy it is to implement with the current codebase. I promise to summarize what we get here and create an issue on github if this gains momentum.


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    Relatedly, Tridactyl or Vimium might scratch this itch for you. I’ve used them and previous extensions (Vimperator, VimFX, VimVixen) for over a decade and love them.

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      Thanks for the recommendation.

      I am trying out Tridactyl, and so far it doesn’t seem close to what I talked here about. For example, I can’t seem to find a way to sift through story threads, or open them easily in a new tab, or upvote/downvote, any easier using Tridactyl.

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        You’ll need to do a little customisation to get what you want out of Tridactyl.


        :set searchurls.lobsters https://lobste.rs/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=%s&what=stories&order=relevance
        :bind gs fillcmdline tabopen lobsters
        :bind gu tabopen https://lobste.rs/stories/new


        As for opening threads and upvote/downvoting, you’ll want to look at :help hint and :hint -c [css selector]. For Hacker News, I have bind ;c hint -c [class*="expand"],[class="togg"] which makes minimising comments easy.

        Hope that helps.