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    Wow. This guy is the Miod Vallat of desktop environments.

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      My…friend…doesn’t know who Miod Vallat is.

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        Miod and his machine room.

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          He had an Alpha-based laptop, too. I didn’t know Tadpole made those. Ran OpenVMS, too, for a little over $10,000. If FOSS’d, that kind of laptop could be useful today for verifiable or non-backdoored computing given Alpha’s with those specs were on a 500nm process. That’s still verifiable without electron microscopes or whatever.

          Plus, PALcode was the shit. We need a RISC-V that’s microcoded and/or PALcoded with a HLL compiler for those. One can do many neat things.

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      Much more AESTHETICAL than Windows 95.

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        OpenBSD and OpenVMS have another thing in common now. One I didn’t expect.

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          Tried to pinch-zoom the page, but it triggered some awful post navigation throwing me back in time. Why is this even a thing?