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    Good to see someone from a PHP background was able to pick up D easily. The bio, which was really interesting, gives a need to experiment with other PHP users since this person might not be representative of what average user will prefer. It would be cool if we can upgrade PHP folks’ skills into system programming through D.

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      I do have to echo one thing about this: the D forums are a real delight to use. Friendly people there. From a technical point of view, I like that they run on Dfeed, which simultaneously handles a mailing list and web interface as well as (lol) Usenet and IRC bridges, all loading pretty damn fast.

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        As a professional developer without a CS degree I can really understand where he’s coming from. My career so far has worked out differently than his, but I think that’s due to different interests more than anything.

        As for D, I too just recently discovered it. Coming from a strong python background I found D extremely familiar and intuitive. I’m really blown away by how easy it is for me to get things done and still enjoy doing it.

        As for D’s strong points, I can sympathize in that until recently I didn’t have much need for templates and mixins either. Now that I understand them, and have used them, I’m really excited about the opportunities this is going to open up for me.

        Now all I need is a job writing D full-time.