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      The problem, if I can make such a grand pronouncement, is that teaching people to think and to solve problems is the most important thing that everyone should be learning, but it’s hardly ever effectively taught. Because yeah, if you’re an organized problem-solver, then all that’s left to become a programmer is to learn syntax and libraries and patterns, and those are straightfoward problems, if not always easy ones. But the same applies to most “knowledge-based” jobs. Any domain can be learned, programming isn’t quite as special as we like to make it out to be.

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        The trend in the last several years of teaching everyone to code misses this

        Learning to code isn’t going to teach you to think, but it’s going to give you a steady stream of problems where you get the opportunity to sharpen your thinking-about-thinking skills in a way that gives you concrete feedback about whether your solutions hold up or not.

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        “‘Oh just thread your application.’ Anyone that says that is basically an idiot, not appreciating the problems.”

        always hard. somewhat easier with immutable data structures

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          A great programmer and human being.