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    Didn’t you reinvent docker with your solution? Docker also uses pivot_root and essentially solves the exact same problem with very similar methods. A simple Dockerfile with FROM ubuntu:focal would probably give you the same thing you outlined here, unless I missed some crucial requirement that cannot be satisfied with docker.

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      The similarities to Docker end at the systemd-nspawn step. After the systemd pivot-root step, the host userland is shut down entirely and the Ubuntu userland takes over, including privileged hardware access such as the graphics system.

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        Yeah, as hufman says this isn’t running both OSes in parallel, it’s having them installed in parallel – but mimicking a “normal” installation much more closely than one could ever achieve with docker. None of the namespace or cgroup stuff – real direct access to everything the kernel can provide.

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        This is horrible and I love it. I may try to do this with Arch Linux.