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      Jonas Bernoulli has been super responsive and helpful through the github ticketing system. I asked a pretty weird side question, and his response was super helpful, and he posted a patch with fixes in ~1d even though it wasn’t his use case.

      If you use magit daily like I do, I think he has good intentions with the money. I am concerned that it might actually be to little for him to do as much as he says in the kickstarter, however.

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      Thank you for linking this–I’ve joined. Magit is something I always point to as a killer feature of Emacs. It is professional level software being distributed perfectly free–and that is worth supporting.

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      Magit is fantastic and I use it daily, so I have pledged.

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      I’ve joined. magit is one of those beautiful blue-collar pieces of software that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

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      Ah, thank you for posting this!

      Learning Magit has been the best workflow improvement I’ve made in the past year. I’m happy to back Jonas’s campaign.