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    I like the simplicity of it, but a dot changing color seems like too subtle of a visual indicator of something. It’d be nice if the act of changing color was accompanied by a push notification.

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      I think notifications are outside of the scope of this tool. Instead, you should create notifications by calling a different tool from your daemon or script, right after you set the color. For example, you can run this command, which uses AppleScript, in your shell:

      osascript -e 'display notification "The color changed from green to red." with title "Color Change"'

      Or you can install the command-line tool terminal-notifier, which lets you customize the click action, icon, and more:

      terminal-notifier -title 'Your site is down' -message 'See for yourself.' \
                        -open 'http://example.com/your/site/'

      By the way, you can run text-to-speech with ‘say’:

      say "Warning! The frobnicator is about to overload!"