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      Just has a blast playing this. I became king snek and everyone started trying to kill me. Damn you w33t and bee and joe.

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        All fear the angersnek.

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          I’m so glad to hear that thank you!!

          So because I forgot to mention in the Readme (I’ll need to make a note) If you manage to cut off and kill another snake, you get an additional ten points. Also, the reference point for collision is the snake’s head, so if two heads collide, you both die ;_;

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          For a fun little challenge…

          Right about here try rewriting your map as a filter or even better reduce.

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            angersock, this is a good tip thank you! I think I’ll take you up on that challenge..

            I have used filter() to isolate players of a certain id/attribute from the gamestate but I probably should be using filter to get the living player or reduce() for all the casualties.

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          Whew, man. I never thought I’d be complaining to my hardcore gamer friends about input lag affecting my performance while playing Snake.

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            Hahahah. I’ll get that cut down in the coming days. Hopefully it didn’t give you too hard of a time :‘(

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            As a snake made out of but two pieces, I can manage to commit suicide if I mash my arrow keys. And on mobile, it’d be nice if I could somehow control it without having to move my finger to the top half of my screen. But other than that, it seems like a neat game!

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              Ah I see. I’ll play around with it on my local installation and see if I can reproduce/fix that error, sorry about that ;_;

              Yeah I was having a hard time coming up with intuitive mobile controls, snake is a pretty precise game and I personally have a harder time using the touch controls. I was thinking of a joystick kind of deal in the corner, or perhaps transparent arrows surrounding the player head so you can kind of see your movement intention.

              Thank you for playing though! :3

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                I was thinking swiping, if not gestures, but it seems like a pain to implement compared to a set of buttons. :)

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                  Mm, yeah most folks who play a lot of mobile games probably would have an instinct to swipe to control more so than tap. I’m pretty sure jQuery has a decent API for swipe events, but I try to avoid jQuery when I can. If I did go that route though I definitely would have to use it as implementing a smart swipe in vanilla js would probably difficult (for me at least).

                  Hopefully in the coming weeks I can really polish this up, and perhaps pay heroku for a better hosting plan.

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                I’ve made it that way to keep it challenging, and because in most implementations of Snake that I’ve seen you die when you hit the wall.

                I have seen some versions where each side has an opening that you can pass through, and you’ll start to come out on the opposite side. That could be a possibility down the line.

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                  That sounds like an interesting idea! But yeah, I have noticed a pattern of pellets pooling right up against the walls because no one wants to get them. But I guess they serve as an interesting challenge, and a neat way for new players to get oodles of food ?

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                    Ah yeah ;_; It’s also because food is dropped by dead players and all the wall crashers are causing that build up