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We wrote an app ( https://chesscoach.network/ ) to help chess players analyze their common mistakes in the early game and help them improve. We wanted to know what you think about it.


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    Are you planning to support lichess accounts? I’d love to try it 😊

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      The truth is we already support lichess :) You only need to select it from the drop-down :)

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        Cool! You might want to find a better title for your next posts then :-D

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      I love it! But it seems a bit restricted in exact positions of pieces. It would be awesome if it could point out themes, or similar positions. Also, 1000games seems a bit too small data set to find anything really useful. But still, I love the idea! Is it open source? I’d love to contribute.

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        Oh man a lot of my friends have started using chess.com more. This is very dope.

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          No mistakes found

          I don’t believe that!

          It seems to only analyze my opening move?

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            This is great! Have found a couple of huge opening errors I can fix.

            But I just looked at one position in lichess and lichess (Stockfish?) seems to have found the position in its opening database and the relative score doesn’t agree at all with Chess Coach. FEN, Chess Coach says g7 makes -1.6 change, lichess says -0.4 . Edit: same here also w/ g7

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              This is really great! Thanks for putting it together. I’ll use it very often.

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                I found some errors in my openings, but sometimes I don’t agree with chesscoach. An example would be 1.c4 g6 2.g3 and now chesscoach tells me g3 is -1.4 points wrong while 2. g4 is the correct choice. I might want to play an english or english-like opening, and -1.4 seems too much.

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                  As a result of your feedback, we made some improvements to our website and released an update just now :)

                  The new features are:

                  • You can now analyze games with a specific time control class (for example: blitz games)
                  • We’ve expanded our openings dataset so opening moves don’t get reported as mistakes
                  • You can filter mistakes by the minimum number of games that you made them in
                  • Added ability to report mistakes as not being mistakes

                  Thanks again for your valuable feedback :)

                  Cheers ! https://chesscoach.network/