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    I have NFI how you can look at Cloudflare’s behaviour and be mad because they’re not doing enough censorship. There are no circumstances where networking infrastructure providers should be playing the part of thought police. It’s disgusting.

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      In that case, would you mind hosting my website for me (free, of course)? Or are you some kind of censor?

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        Much as domestic budgeting doesn’t have much to teach national budgeting, my obligations to you differ from the those of a corporation that handles a percentage of the world’s Internet traffic.

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          I guess it’s wishful thinking on my part (hoping for enough competition that CF don’t hold undue power).

          Perhaps DDOS protection is a ‘natural monopoly’, like other capital-intensive works. Something to think about.

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          Pretty sure cloudflare will ask you to move to enterprise plan if you have high non-ddos bandwidth. Its not about money or profit.

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            I’m doing 40gb/hr out and they haven’t complained yet.

            They don’t care about outbound, because bulk bandwidth is only purchased in symmetric amounts, and they need high inbound for DDOS protection, so the outbound is effectively free (to them).

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        So you want to switch off of Cloudflare because they took too long to cave in to political pressure to drop a client forum website? And you think the forum should have been dropped sooner because some deranged individuals posted there?

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          I think that why they did it is much less interesting than how.

          If the article was just bagging on CF for whatever reason, I wouldn’t have submitted it.

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            And in any case, knowing the mechanics of how to switch away from Cloudflare is as useful to entities running sites that Cloudflare might be politically-pressured into dropping, as it is for the people doing the political pressuring.

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              Fair enough. Maybe I’ll go back and actually read it, instead of getting immediately turned off by the political posturing.

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            I’ve been meaning to get off of Cloudflare for the same reasons. I was planning on going to Fastly but will give BunnyCDN a look as well. Thanks!

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              What about DDOS protection? Its their main feature. Are there any alternatives for it?

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                It would be nice if there were more than just one free bandwidth cdn. There’s Cloudflare but if you don’t like their admittedly lenient policies you’ll have to go to a dedicated server usually.