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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Getting married :)

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      Donating time to my local library as a part time sysadmin. Going to be looking into using Project FOG to save us sometime in restoring PC’s. We are already using Deep Freeze to keep the computers fresh. Sadly nothing is full proof and here and there we gotta restore a computer, and this will save us a bunch of time, and should make it easy enough so anyone can hit a few keys and make it happen.

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        Thanks for the links. They keep mentioning patented. There was a company that did this at the HD level in OS-agnostic way. Sadly withdrawn from market due to low sales.

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        • spending my first weekend as a recurser!
        • picking up groceries for the RC food events
        • hoping to hack on some weekend code to relearn state management and networking in Elm.
        • preparing myself to host an Elm workshop in the next week or two. I’m following rtfeldman’s elm workshop
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          I’ve been making a pair of trousers, and it’s time to finish that project.

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            Getting the other leeg finished?

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            • Continue rewriting one of my pet projects in literate programming style with org-mode. Was really sceptical about both for a long while, but it seems the chemistry’s working in this project! Never had this kind of feel from writing extensive comments or docstrings within the code. There’s something to having narrative guide the code.

            • Taking part in local club’s Nordic field pistol shooting competition in 3 classes on Sunday. Military, large caliber and revolver. Took a €50 bet with my wife I’ll make it into top 5… hubris is an expensive sin!

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              Going to pet wolves in a wolf sanctuary somewhere in Washington state

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                My wife and I bought a new dog, a black golden doodle aptly named Vader. We’ll be cuddling with him and sipping hot cocoa as a snow storm hits us.

                I’m trying to get two HardenedBSD servers alive. Our binary update build server decided that its boot loader is too old. Our Cavium ThunderX2 server has buggy firmware. I’m making an eerily naive attempt at installing experimental firmware, shipped directly from Cavium. Let’s hope I don’t end up with a $15,000 paperweight this weekend.

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                  Reading a literary magazine I bought a few weeks ago, and maybe start reading a new book. Also, planning to start reading at least one book per week, fiction or non-~.

                  Also, joining Lobste.rs and making my first comment here!

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                    I’m on call again this week so I should have some time to work on some things:

                    • continue with reading & doing more things in Go
                    • I want to test out consul and traefik, I know they exist for some time but never took a look at them. I want to use it to automatically route traffic to lxd containers without dedicated ip
                    • spend some more time with my eldest, he’s having a harder time at school lately and I can see he needs some attention
                    • I got a slow cooker during the holidays and I’m planning on making a traditional beef stew in it
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                      working on https://github.com/jonschoning/espial my open-source, web-based bookmarking server.

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                        Looks interesting. Is it effectively aiming to be an open-source clone of pinboard.in?

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                          When you have over 67,000 bookmarks, as i do, I feel open-source/self-hosted becomes a higher priority due to for data ownership and performance reasons.

                          By moving to self-hosted, i was able to bring down my “cold-start”/“non-cached” wait time on tag filters from 30s to ~1s.

                          AFAICT most folks don’t have more than a couple thousand at the high end, so they probably don’t run into these perf issues — although it was my motivation, it’s probably not relevant to them.

                          My use case involves creating marks as part of browsing for things i want to return to later in the day, and also for long-term recall or aggregation when researching a topic, with as low/minimal-effort as possible (which is why I’ve accumulated so many)

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                            Ah, I see—That’s a huge amount! I’m around ~14,000 bookmarks with ~1,400 tags, and so far performance is fine. I slowly moving as much reliance off third-parties as well, so I’ll keep espial in mind. I’ve definitely felt some latency with Pinboard sometimes too.

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                        Getting the final touches up on https://oxidizeconf.com for date release, CFP and full ticket sales next week. As RustFest is on a break, I obviously need to run another conference. :D

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                          Shooting out some work proposals and then doubling down for some weekend hacking and baking! Going to work on perfecting my oatmeal raisin cookies in bulk as well as my home country’s signature dish. Super excited :)

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                            Working on notes for a lisp study group, climbing, going to a dinner party, doing a coop shift, etc.

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                              Get further in the book The Tyranny of Experts, start reading the Hennessey and Patterson book, tinker with my site generation code to make sure the Atom feed I added recently is okay, and add some content to my gopher server.

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                                Slides for an upcoming PostgreSQL meetup (dtracing postgresql fast update pending list rebuilds, dtracing postgresql internals in general), I do the PostgreSQL part @oshogbo does the dtrace part.

                                Updating laptops at home & probably updating some of my ports, perhaps wrapping a new one that I just did for work - pglast which is a python binding to lib pg_query which links to PostgreSQL parser internals to parse SQL into AST. Tons better than doing regexes or rolling your own parser :)

                                Most likely a bit of gaming, reading and for sure having fun with the dog.

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                                  I’m finally getting started digging into Event Sourcing. I’ve understood how it works in principle for years, but never actually put it in practice myself.

                                  I want to build a projection (or read model?) of a collection of models that I can then search/filter through.

                                  Where this current state exists is still not clear to me; do I hold it in application memory? In Redis? In Postgres? I understand the events themselves can be in Postgres. How often do I rebuild the collection from scratch? Any time anything changes? I have lots of questions like this, and probably I will gain far more intuition for this once I put my head down and start doing it.

                                  I’ll be using the Eventful Haskell library.

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                                    I think just building the state from scratch into memory data structures on boot is a fine and underrated architecture. Then you just apply events as they happen. Anything else like snapshotting to disk is an optimization that you probably won’t need until your log becomes really huge. And it’s in the nature of event sourcing that you can postpone such optimizations because the log data isn’t going anywhere. So don’t worry about it now!

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                                      That’s a good, reassuring tip. Thanks!

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                                    Backporting Netdata to Debian Stretch, fixing the Nim Planet and setting up a Mastodon Nim bot

                                    Attending the FreedomBox progress call. Everybody is welcome to join.

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                                      Changing my office chair to something a bit more comfortable, reading more on aquaponics and hydroponics (maybe the friendlyhaus will be tilting more biopunk in its a e s t h e t i c) and watching Vice with some friends. Should be fun.

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                                        Finished the Coursera course for Machine Learning, and now diving straight into the deep learning specialisation!

                                        Also going on the odd cleaning rampage, with the balcony and kitchen nations being the first to fall. evil laugh

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                                          Test-driving Angora Fuzzer from ByteDance.

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                                            A server at the University for our open source project is moving, so I’ll be backing up things and make sure I can relaunch it on DigitalOcean or Vultr if I have to, I might do some work on my python/QT mpv front-end, but most likely I’ll be feeding my Spiderman (PS4) addiction.

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                                              Working on my company.

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                                                Going to spend some time to investigate switching stacks in Rust (I’m trying to get task switching to work in my kernel but Rust doesn’t seem to like the stack being torn out from under it’s feet). I’ve ported ralloc to userspace already (with some difficulties because I’m sure I found some compiler bug in rust there; A None gets initialized to garbage data)

                                                I’m also looking into making a small solar MPPT charger (there is an IC for it and it only needs to be wired up but I want to integrate an ATtiny for smarter monitoring and controlling).

                                                I’ve also dug up some posts on WebGL with Rust in WebAssembly and I want to experiment with that.

                                                Lastly, I’m going to configure and further test the backup of my NAS (rclone to B2 with crypt backend, the –backup-dir function looks promising but it’s poorly documented). About 2TB of data need to be moved into the cloud. And another 2 TB need to be sorted out and then also uploaded.

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                                                  Integrating an online payment system with our account database. I’m thinking about going with Square, their Java API looks really clean and well-documented.

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                                                    Playing more guitar, having started again last year after a ten year absence. Also trying not to get convinced that I have to buy more gear for it.

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                                                      • Moving a couple of VMs from one provider to another (to save £)
                                                      • Continuing with my sailing Race Management App for my sailing club