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tl;dr: FreeNAS Corral as it was originally released is being relegated to “TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW” status while we work hard to re-base its exciting new features upon the rock-solid FreeNAS 9.10 base.

After weighing community feedback, and much internal deliberation at iX, we have decided that the amount of work still required to bring FreeNAS Corral (as currently architected) up to an acceptable standard for quality, reliability, and data integrity will take an unreasonable amount of time. The quicker path to a properly stable and enterprise-worthy Corral is to rebase upon the solid FreeNAS 9.10 code, bringing some of the new features that the current FreeNAS Corral offers into a more mature and solid platform. This process has already begun with the inclusion of VM container support and a brand-new Angular-based UI which is already available in the 9.10 nightlies (more on this below).


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    I like iX and really appreciate all they do for the FreeBSD community. Based on the information in this post, the result is not surprising. Big rewrite using technology they didn’t have the competency to own in the case the owners walked away (they did), and not much of a back-out strategy. As a smaller firm, it’s hard to get everything write when it comes to rewriting such a large system which means you either have to bet big or do the conversion in lots of small steps. Seems like they bet big and the gamble didn’t pay off this time.

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      A brave but painful decision, for sure. One thing I’m quite surprised about is that they chose MontageJS (something I’d never heard of) instead of one of the better known web frameworks.