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    I feel like those who are young enough might not realize that these are puns based on celebrity names:



    combined with


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      Under BeOS, to provide some compatibility with Unix, files had an owner and a group. The owner of all files user ID 0, whose name was “Baron”

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        In OpenSolaris, the default username was “jack”. For whatever reason. The never ending source of confusion for all people trying OpenSolaris for the first time.

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          Similarly, Oracle has a default user of Scott with password Tiger

          In the online Select Star mailing list, the question was asked-Why was Scott’s password ’tiger?? Nearly every response got it right.

          It was Scott’s pet cat called ’tiger?.

          And, who was Scott? His first name was Bruce not Scott. Bruce Scott was employee number #4 at the then Software Development Laboratories that eventually became Oracle. He co-authored and co-architected Oracle V1, V2 & V3.

          For those that do not know, Bruce Scott went on to co-found Gupta Technology (now Centura Software) with Umang Gupta in 1984.Where is he today? He’s the CEO and founder Pointbase, Inc.


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        Time to change it to Rooty McRootface on my machines ;-)

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          surely you mean &y mc&face! (assuming you can double substitute with &)

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            # useradd -c "& & & & & & & &" -m buffalo
            # finger buffalo | awk '/Name: /'                       
            Login: buffalo                          Name: Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo