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    I assume the name is a reference to the construct/character in Zelazny’s Amber series: http://princeofamber.wikia.com/wiki/Ghostwheel

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      The first line of the repo is a quote from Trumps of Doom, so yes, it’s a zelazny reference :p

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      Reposted from HN where author, gnl, announced:

      “Fellow Clojurians, I present to you, Ghostwheel. It makes the writing, reading, refactoring, testing, instrumentation and stubbing of function specs easy; introduces a concise syntax for inline fspec definitions; helps keep track of side effects; and makes general debugging almost fun, with full evaluation tracing of function I/O, local bindings and all threading macros.

      It’s Alpha software and the Clojure port, while essentially functional, still needs some love to achieve full feature parity with ClojureScript – most prominently missing at the moment is the tracing functionality.

      To steal a quote from Nathan Marz’ Specter in a blatant attempt at a so far likely undeserved comparison to its indispensability, I like to think of Ghostwheel as clojure.spec’s missing piece. It has become quite essential to me and I hope that you will find it useful too.

      Feedback, PRs, and issue reports are welcome and much appreciated.”


      “This is basically generative testing using clojure.spec in a nice package with a cherry on top and a few extras.”

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        How does the side-effect detection work?