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      Where’s the source code? The page had no links.

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        It looks like the source code is only available through Git. In “Getting started”, the page says you can run git clone http://git.coders.se/kore.git to download the code. (As that link reveals, http://coders.se/kore/ is an alternative URL for https://kore.io/.)

        I would mirror the code on GitHub so you could browse it, but neither the page nor the code contains a license yet. But here’s a preview of the file tree.

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      Didn’t Joris work on OpenCVS?

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      Given this is from an OpenBSD dev, it is a bit strange to be Linux only, no?

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        I see *BSD support is listed in TODO, nice!

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          It looks like kqueue(2) and in turn *BSD support was added. Commit enabling support.