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    My logic behind making my NixOS config repo a public one is to act as an example for others to take inspiration from. I also wanted to make it harder for me to let the config drift. It also gives me a bunch of fodder for this blog.

    I’ve definitely used your blog as a resource in the process of learning about NixOS and using it in my own home network, so thanks for writing this stuff up.

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      I’m going to eventually end up writing a book about administering NixOS servers. What kinds of things would you like to see in such a book, or as future articles on my blog?

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        • the process for creating a new VM that uses NixOS is still pretty manual for me, even if I can configure it automatically once I use Nixops for the first time and it generates a key. I would like to see information in how you solve this problem on your infrastructure.
        • Nixops itself seems kind of clumsy. I gather that there’s an upcoming 2.0 release that will change a lot of things about the software, but its still not ready to go yet. I’d be interested in reading about how to best use Nixops today; or if there are other tools for applying a nix configuration to many remote boxes. Also, is there any way to query the state of a NixOS machine to see what’s deployed on it?
        • Hints about how to take software that isn’t yet packaged for nix and making it run on your NixOS infrastructure. Some of the services I run are apparently hard to package for Nix (peertube being a good example), and I’m not sure what I should do to work around this.
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          if there are other tools for applying a nix configuration to many remote boxes

          There’s a bunch of other tools (deploy-rs, krops, morph), each with their specific use-case and strengths.

          I ended up using nixos-rebuild with flakes, and it works really well for me (apart from currently not being able to build the derivation remotely). Admittedly, I manage very few hosts, so I can afford to run it for each individual machine.

          But it should be pretty easy to write a little bash script that iterates over a few hosts. Maybe even borrowing some ideas from TFA (which I haven’t yet read).

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          As another point of reference, I refer to your blog posts all the time, and mostly use NixOS because of those. I’d buy your book in a heartbeat!

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        [META] Pretty please, can we have a nixos tag? EDIT: nix is also fine

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          Or just plain nix, since not all nix stuff is NixOS related (home-manager, nixpkgs, …).

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            I’ve asked for this in the past and the post got tons of upvotes but seemed to get no mod attention, everyone seemed very receptive.