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    There are two major Rust integrations getting close to the end of the pipeline. One is integrating Webrender into Firefox; Webrender heavily uses the GPU to speed up rendering. Another is Pathfinder, a project that offloads font rendering to the GPU.

    Wow, Pathfinder is actually close to real-world use? Nice.

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      In many discussions of Rust’s value, it’s performance vs C and C++ always seems to take a prominent role. Until yesterday when I got my hands on Quantum, it was easy to miss a core part of Rust’s value proposition: even if Rust code is slower in the small, given finite time, the features you can create with Rust can result in a far more performant final program.

      Looking at the linked slides, 160k lines of C++ for the old style engine, 85k lines of Rust, and the Rust code has all the cool features like fine grained parallel rendering, all the features that make the process fast.

      It’s a good reminder that small scale benchmark comparison can miss a whole lot of the performance story, but now we have a large, professionally developed Rust project (besides the compiler) to talk and reason about.