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    I was thinking more about k8s for desktop usage (as a qubes-os like mechanics) when I saw the title, but then:

    >rancher desktop
    *looks at github sidebar*
    >typescript 35%, js 18%, vue 18%

    Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.

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      Yeah, I think this is more interesting for developers that need to package for Kubernetes, like myself sometimes. And yes, for the reason you point out it’s probably not something you’ll want to have running all the time.

      It also remains to be seen if this actually adds that much convenience over just using K3s on your machine, and opening up Lens (also an Electron monstrosity) only when needed.

      In fact, I kind of wonder why people like to go for Electron for these kinds of tools, over running a web service inside the local Kubernetes solution that you can open in a better browser.

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        Sensing some confusion on what this is (but by all means let me know if I am wrong!):

        This is for replacing Docker Desktop (eg run docker/k8s locally on your Mac/Windows box, usually for development purposes) and not really for running production workloads. It has a UI because Docker Desktop has a UI, but really what this does is implement a specialized Linux VM (using Qemu/Lima) for running containers locally.

        But at $DAYJOB this was not considered ‘production’ ready and so they are ponying up the License fees for Docker this year.

        Me? I’ve been meaning to experiment with Nix on Mac as a way of doing isolated envs, since even though we run k8s locally, there are substantial differences between dev and prod anyways and docker/k8s for dev seem to not work all that well in practice , requiring all sorts of effort and drama around working around the limitations they present (hence: devspace, Telepresence, skaffold, etc).

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          But at $DAYJOB this was not considered ‘production’ ready and so they are ponying up the License fees for Docker this year.

          I got an email about that as well, and I just laughed wondering how they planned to enforce this…I guess they could just troll large companies for the biggest payouts, but it seemed like a real “nickel-and-dime” thing to do.

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            They can learn from oracle and their license audits