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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      After dropping out twice, and just barely meeting the requirements… I’m graduating college!!

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      Finalizing details for a labor action next week. It’s gonna be great! … Just, before it’s great, it’s gonna be a lot of writing and a lot of meetings.

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        Making their bonuses depend on it. Smart haha. Good luck to yall!

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        Good luck, and keep fighting the good fight.

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        Good Luck!

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          Thank you!

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      Working on a morse code “driver” for a weird project i’m working on. A bunch of us are collaborating on esoteric input devices. Fun project

      Right now i have raw “morse” output working and am working on mode switching (think Vim) to swap between morse output, ascii output and “command” mode.



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        Awesome project! Have you experimented with Morse code input? Years and years ago (maybe 8-9 years) I was looking into a communications project that did not have a keyboard but relied on Morse code input. I never got it working, because humans and understand Morse at basically any speed and cadence and figure out the meaning, but I couldn’t get efficient enough code on an Arduino to differentiate between a brief pause and a dah, or properly handle different input speeds.

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          Sorry, i don’t login on lobste.rs too often.

          Coincidentally, i’ve been working on this some more recently with a group of folks researching “esoteric” input devices. I agree the timing is kind of a killer, ideally i think you need something that adapts as the users skill increases. I’m very bad.

          I wrote a morse code “driver” for arduino (teensy specifically) that has different “modes”. There is one mode that outputs “.” (dit), “-” (dah) and “/” (space between words), then i have a mode for ascii output and one for “command mode” - https://github.com/zpeters/morsedriver

          If you are interested in this sort of stuff, i’m working with a group on “Project Alpha” (probably needs a better name). Here is the main project site. Hit me up if you’d like to contribute. We have folks from all sorts of backgrounds (coding and not). - http://tbf-rnd.life/


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          PM me or zpeters for invite to chat if you want to discuss.

          A web version is underway as well.

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      Building a new desk, adding watercooling to the PC, and switching from macOS to Arch as my primary development environment.

      An entire battlestation makeover!

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        Nice! I’ve been using Arch for my desktop for a few years now, and I’m quite happy with it. It will probably take a while before you have everything set up the way you want it, though (all those packages and dotfiles). If you’re interested, you can find my install script and dotfiles https://github.com/benoncoffee/archlinuxconfig

        I’m not 100% happy with some things: the sound panel (I have to manually select if sound should go over HDMI or over the headphone, I would much prefer to have one slider which controls whatevers plugged in and HDMI otherwise), the power options (hibernate doesnt work!), and the brightness control keys don’t work.

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      A couple weeks ago I decided to focus on one of my oldest (started under CVS) pet projects until it gets to some sort of conclusion. It has been rewritten in literate style with org-mode a few months ago. So my resolution been to add at least one non-trivial bit of code or prose every day. It holds so far: steady regular pace keeps you in the context and having literary narrative to follow and elaborate really helps. The family is away over the weekend so my hope is to finish off a couple of harder bits in one sitting.

      One unexpected side effect of literate programming is that much of “real” literary advice carries over. This my effort was inspired by Kurosawa’s insight on writing.

      As a diversion I need to sand down terrace fencing for painting tomorrow, as we are going to have one of infrequent sunny days here.

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      After a few months of trying to find a terminal emulator that does what I want, and nothing more/less, I’ve given up my search and decided to ‘make’(0) my own using GNOME’s vte library.

      1. Not really making one from scratch, since vte seems fairly complete so it’s more a matter of just wiring up the functionality I want.
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        I’d be interested in reading a writeup of what you want and how existing terminal emulators fall short or otherwise miss the mark, if you were to write one.

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          Here’s a quick list of must-haves:

          • FOSS
          • Stable
          • 100% functionality from keyboard alone (I don’t care about mice)
          • Ability to detect urls, show hints with key combo, and select url/run $BROWSER with key press
          • Actual Wayland support
          • Ability to set/change app_id in wayland compositors
          • Proper unicode support
          • Easily set colors in config file

          To date, I’ve never found any terminal that meets all of those. After about 3 hours last night, I have a terminal I built which meets all but 1 (the url thing) of those must-haves.

          I’ve tried everything from (u)rxvt, xfce-terminal, termite, st, alacritty, kitty (and a few others I cannot recall). Kitty was probably the closest to working however, because the developer does little/no testing on Wayland, it is fairly unstable.

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            Easily set colors in config file

            You can do that in almost any terminal.. using your shell config file: https://github.com/chriskempson/base16-shell

            It baffles me that people still configure colors in terminal emulators’ own settings. This should be the only way to set colors :P

            btw: https://github.com/myfreeweb/galacritty – lacks any mouse support whatsoever and any URL things (I just copy urls with tmux’s selection mode lol).

            The thing with changing app_id, should it just be allowed at any time? Or should it be like the gnome-terminal “app wrapper” functionality?

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              using your shell config file

              I sometimes run other shells, so maintaining a bunch of configs for this would be annoying.

              btw: https://github.com/myfreeweb/galacritty

              Neat! I used alacritty and kitty for a while, but frankly they were both relatively unstable (probably each for different reasons). I think using the GPU for rendering a terminal is a bit overkill, since I rarely stream trillions of lines of text. Dumping dmesg is almost instantaneous for me using the thing I made with gnome’s VTE library (which always seems to come in last place in the ‘which terminal is the fastest’ contests…)

              I just copy urls with tmux’s selection mode lol

              Yea I may just do this.

              The thing with changing app_id, should it just be allowed at any time?

              When running the terminal. My WM allows moving applications to certain workspaces based on app_id, so if I run weechat in the terminal, for example, and want to start a terminal with a specific app_id that causes my WM to automatically move it to the correct workspace.

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                maintaining a bunch of configs for this would be annoying

                More annoying than configuring every terminal emulator on every machine? :)

                It’s a regular script that uses escape sequences to set colors, you only have to tell shells that you start directly in the terminal to run it (if you e.g. always start with zsh, but sometimes run fish under zsh, you don’t have to configure fish at all).

                want to start a terminal with a specific app_id

                ah yeah, I see that you just have it as a command line argument, that’s easy.

                Dumping dmesg is almost instantaneous

                dmesg is usually not that long, try tree --dirsfirst -ChFL 5 in your home directory (twice, to let the FS cache everything for the first time). Or scrolling long files in vim.

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                  More annoying than configuring every terminal emulator on every machine? :)

                  I don’t usually have more than 1 terminal emulator installed, and my dot files are synchronized with stow/git, so I just configure it once, for everywhere.

                  try tree –dirsfirst -ChFL 5 in your home directory (twice, to let the FS cache everything for the first time)

                  Seems to average about 1.27 seconds over 5 runs (my ~/ is quite large). Given how rarely I would do something like that I’m willing to wait 1.3 seconds for it.

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            Is the source available online?

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              Yep, just posted what I have so far last night. Documentation is a bit lacking at the moment..


              I plan to add just a couple more things, clean up/refactor the source, and improve documentation a bit today/tomorrow.

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        Have you tried mlterm? I like it a lot and it has very low latency compared to basically everything else.

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            Ah fair enough, wayland support is tricky.

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      The experiment with Elmish and my smartwatch has largely been a success, so if I feel like it I’ll be working on getting the other custom xamarin views to work. Other than that I’ll be playing Prey (2017) and maybe hiking.

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      Busy removing about 7 m³ / up to 1 m of hard granite bedrock behind the barn to be able to pour concrete for a floor there. Since ‘professionals’ like to charge several arms and legs for this type of work I’m tackling it myself with a hefty drill, a number of 20-24-34 mm drill bits, a set of rock splitting wedges fitting those hole sizes and a few large hammers. I’m using my ancient Fordson Major backhoe to grapple with the (sometimes rather large and heavy) segments of rock which I manage to split off the (shrinking) hillock.

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        What drill, specific bit and wedges do you recommend? Im keen to improve drainage in a crawlspace I put over red granite and have been pondering how to split the rock..

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          I’m using a drill which is on - or below - the lower end of what is advisable for the type of work I’m doing with an impact energy of 9J. 15J or higher is what normally is called for, something like an Atlas Copco Cobra Combi ([1], a petrol-driven jackhammer/rock drill). I planned to rent a Cobra but could not get hold of one, instead I bought an Einhell TE-RH 38E rotary hammer drill [2] with SDS MAX chuck (I’ve broken too many SDS+ drill bits to rely on those for heavier work) for about the same money as I’d have spent to rent a Cobra. The work takes a bit longer with this machine but a) that is unavoidable given the dearth of machines for rent and b) not much of a problem as there is no rental time pressure.

          The splitting wedges [3] look like the ones offered on eBay [4] for a few $ but they are far larger. They more or less work as advertised as long as you make sure to either drill loads of holes or drill a few at chosen spots and in the direction of the natural fault lines in the rock. The bigger (34 mm) versions I use should be hammered in with a large maul, for smaller versions (20 mm and 24 mm) a 1.5kg maul is sufficient. Drill holes at ~20 cm distance and of sufficient depth (how deep depends on the rock to be split and the wedge to be used), insert the wedges and hammer them in. Wait a bit, hammer a bit more, wait, a bit more and the rock will start to crack - it can take a few minutes for the cracks to appear, be patient and don’t try to force it. Repeat this for the next layer and the next, etc.

          [1] https://www.atlascopco.com/sv-se/construction-equipment/products/handheld/breakers/petrol-breakers/cobra-combi

          [2] http://products.einhell.pt/pt_en/tools/rotary-hammer/te-rh-38-e.html

          [3] https://xn--sten-sprckning-dib.se/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/NY_Modell_av_34MM_KIL.jpg

          [4] https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/14Pcs-9-16-Plug-Wedges-and-Feathers-Shims-Quarry-Rock-Stone-Splitter-Hand-Tool/322519602703?epid=2118156785&hash=item4b17aa960f:g:c8AAAOSwiiVb0Xqu

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      Planning to read a few more chapters of Let Over Lambda and work some of the excercises. I’m three chapters in and learning a lot so far.

      And I’m going to get some climbing in on my bike. I’ll probably ride up to Gold Hill, and maybe out to Nederland or Ward.

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        I think you accidentally your link.

        1. 2

          Fixed! Thank you!

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      Still struggling through the 100 days of code in Python course. Not struggling with the material, but to find ticks to devote to it over and above my day job.

      Moving slowly forward though (not in lock step with actual calendar days :) - just finished day 15.

      This was an OO class based rock paper scissors game, which was nice practice in that the objects being modeled and the behaviors required map to classes pretty cleanly. This is something I don’t actually get to do much of in my straight ahead process oriented code world so the practice is good even though the problem domain is very simple. Still need to clean it up and add tests. Really enjoying this course.

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      Last weekend, I said I was scheduled to offer a bunch of scholarships to Abstractions II. They went out and even more went out this past week, totaling more than $10,000 in aid offered to near 30 people. This weekend, I’ll be sending a pitch to our past donors to help us raise more than $35,000 more which we need (donate?) in order to offer another 75 scholarships in the next two months.

      I’ve got some conference-related programming to do, mostly around our resume sharing feature.

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      After a solid week of hustling, and my startup winning an innovation competition (hooray!), I’m hoping to get away from my machine and go outside. I’ll go watch my Kiwi friend play rugby tomorrow. It’s the season final, and they haven’t lost a single game. He plays for one of the teams here in Poland, and assuming they win it’s going to be one heavy weekend 🍻

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        Update: They won! My friends are the champions of Poland!


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      I’m playing with the github package management beta. I got my experimental repo’s docker images uploaded to it so far.

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      Next week I’m off to our Romanian colleagues and I still have to pack and prepare a bit. It’s going to be warm there (~32°C) and I probably have to shop for clothes.

      I’m also planning to set up a new Prometheus install at home and try out some ways of alerting. I bought ‘Infrastructre monitoring with Prometheus’ this week so I’ll have quite some reading to do!

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      I have a friend visiting from Chicago on Saturday. On Sunday I’ll probably start working on my proposal for a talk at Rust Belt Rust. This is my first talk proposal, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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        I’m a conf organizer. I’ve organized confs in the past in Pittsburgh with some of the RBR crew. They’re awesome and RBR is great. I’ll hopefully see you there.

        I know I like abstracts that are creative – clever prose – while being adequately technical or persuasive that this is how I should spend my time. Identify the problem clearly, diagnose it separately, and explain how you are going to advocate for the remedy in your presentation while threading in your authority on the matter. Another thing I’ve found that can work is to read the abstracts of past years’ presentations to get a feel for the style of writing that was accepted.

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      I’m taking classes this summer to try and go back to school, so I’ll be doing homework for those. I’ve been fiddling about with writing a compiler, so if I have time I’ll work on the assembly syntax for it (mostly for inline assembly). I’m planning to do an Sexpr based syntax which should be pretty simple. I was trying to output to ELF but I don’t have time to read the spec so I just output the machine code and I wrote a little loader to deal with that for now.

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      Tidying up a crate (mtls-messages) that’s part of micro-tls: a no_std rust impl of tls for embedded devices. Made some good progress getting the encoding and decoding right with no copies but still got a long way to go before tls is properly implemented


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      • Wiping and reinstalling a handful of Macs for work
      • Attacking the remaining wilderness in the garden with power tools
      • Hosting a friend who’s staying over Saturday night/Sunday morning. I suspect wine and fire may be involved.
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      Spending some time writing/recording music and geeking out with folks over on linuxmusicians.com.

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      This week was crazy.

      Today I disassembled, edited, and reassembled one of our internal apps to work around an issue.

      My plan for this weekend is to catch up on sleep and finish a few Valancourt books.

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      Working on a HUD assisted chorded text editor. The work is relates to what zpeters is doing.

      Basically a “cheat sheet” is displayed on-screen, as it is dynamic it will highlight probable chords. Cutting down learning time.

      Use cases (long term)

      • glove input in AI
      • potentially much faster in 10 finger mode (speech level wpm)
      • less straining HW devices than keyboards
      • physical disabilities ALS…
      • international text
      • new UI systems -…

      Will be done for morse code later see zpeters comment in this thread!

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      Going to a conference about AI and Discrimination/Surveillance Capitalism

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      I’m playing around with a Pi Zero W, an Adafruit OLED display, and a TEMPer2 USB temperature sensor.

      I’m determined to prove that the thermostat in the house reports temperatures warmer than reality so I’m going to record metrics from the TEMPer to see the difference between the two things.

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      My son’s birthday party on Saturday, then Sunday taking my motorcycle to the track for a day on the 2.4 mile, 14 turn road course.

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      A little late I know, but today I successfully kept to my Roadmap and deployed the live site/faq for my DnD project. Next week I’ll be starting on the API and implementing a few features!

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      I just ordered Arduino kit to replace the burned out control board for my guest house A/C.. I had been hoping to have it chat with a Zigbee temp/humidity sensor indoor, but Zigbee seems much more complex than I thought it was. There is like.. Zigbee and then use case oriented standards on top, but no info on sensors about what Zigbee standard they are using?

      I couldnt work out if an off the shelf Zigbee temp/humidity sensor would work with the XBee stuff, and the XBee sensors are 5x the price.

      So, I just ordered a regular wired sensor for now, the smart home will apparently have to wait.. still excited though!

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      Exploring Kyoto and enjoying vacation.

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      Trying to work thorough why an ancient version of PhantomJS (1.8.2) renders lines …slightly thinner than WeasyPrint. PDF rendering is a major pain….

      Also trying to figure out how to make a very small printing press (well based on my research I think that it’ll be stamps instead of metal typesetting and actuall press). Like “fits in large jean pockets”-sized. Basic idea is to make on-demand contact cards customized based on whatever event you’re at

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      Catching up sleep (somehow I always sleep terrible for one or two days a week), trying to buy a secondhand bike, buy a gift for fathers day, write something for my GF who is graduating soon, cleaning the house, groceries and laundry.

      Not the most fun weekend ever, but it’s nice to do these tasks and actually see a result (something I sometimes miss at work).

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      Writing a scaper to convert an online Chinese course in a podcast.