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This is a demo showing off the new UI. Recently made a large rewrite using the urwid library. I think it’s on track to become my primary interface to mastodon.


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      Very interesting. Also good layout choice. Too often text-based UIs fail because they try to copy the looks from web-bases interfaces, which only ends up making them more clunky. The artist has to understand his/her medium!

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        I shamelessly copied tig which is a great TUI for Git.

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      Are Pleroma and Misskey also supported?

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        Pleroma seems to support the Mastodon API according to docs but there are some differences which would need to be handled. I’ll definitely look into supporting Pleroma.

        Can’t find any docs about an API for Misskey.

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          I wish Pleroma and Mastodon would kiss and make up and just both implement the ActivityPub server-client protocol. Instead, Mastodon has kept its own which it had before ActivityPub was finalised, thinks that it’s a feature that it’s different from Pleroma’s, but it looks like Pleroma copied it anyway.

          (Btw, are you named after the character from Master and Margarita?)

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            (Btw, are you named after the character from Master and Margarita?)

            Yes, we share the first name. :)

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      Wow, this is really nice. Really user friendly (login was so easy) and intuitive. Very sane defaults. Thanks for following the XDG Base Dir spec btw.

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      Looks incredible. Getting some very nice usenet feel from it.

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      huh, turns out I tried this before, but before it had the TUI. Remember to run pip3 install --user --upgrade toot to get the latest version.

      This is really neat; great for casually browsing some posts at work without worrying about unmarked NSFW images.