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      Most interesting is that it looks like the source for SunView/SunTools is in there.

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        I liked SunView. It was oddly cheery, and certainly a simpler experience. Reminded me a little of Apollo Domain/OS in visual style.

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      Hehe, a bit late to the party… maybe chinese gov/mil finds this interesting to find 0days for solaris..

      I don’t see much use for this besides code archeology

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        Code archeology is the only use.

        For 0days, the OpenSolaris code would be rather closer to current Solaris 11 releases. But what Sun had opened, Oracle closed again hence the existence of illumos which is useful if you want something to actually run.

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        SunOS and Solaris are different enough that there isn’t much that will transport between them.

        It’s an historical artifact of the field, so code archaeology is, indeed, the interest.