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This is a short book on using property-based testing (PBT) within Komposition, a screencast editor. It’s based on articles published on https://wickstrom.tech.


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    Recommended tag: show, because this is definitely something you should be proud of :)

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      Thanks! :)

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      This is not a tutorial on PBT, but rather a collection of motivating examples. That said, you should be able to follow along without prior knowledge of PBT.

      I’m reading this like it might be best if I did have some background in PBT before coming to the book? If that’s true, what would be a good starting point?

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        I personally found that the concept of PBT itself is quite easy to understand and library docs do a good job at explaining. But they often lack deep examples for complex and practical test. So I’d say: go ahead, if the topic is of interest!