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    This reminds me of the various tech gazillionaires who heavily restrict their children’s screen time.

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      I would love to see cited sources, but I valued this and saved it to reread.

      Like another commenter I’m less happy having read it. But what I think I read is that we accept what makes us happy in the short term, and that comprises a long term evolutionary force. By that process, this kind of article becomes rare. In that sense I think the article makes a positive contribution in the long term even if it stings today.

      Edit: this came up in my playlist and I thought it fit the topic well.

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        Weird… I also saved this (I read the article before reading the comments)

        And I don’t save a lot of stuff I read online, I have like 30 bookmarks total, and half of them are YouTube videos

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        Does not at all fit the programming tag. Have suggested philosophy + rant instead.

        I am less happy for having read this.

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          Will fix. Apologies. Thanks for the help in letting me know how to tag. I still stuck at this.

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            Maybe they could do do with a little inline guide or something? They are effectively terms of art here, with meanings that don’t necessarily match how the words are used elsewhere. The programming tag in particular is on posts about the practice of writing programs.

            In retrospect my tone was unduly grumpy. Sorry.

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              Nope, you’re right to call me on it. Thank you. It’s important for the tagging system to work that it reflect a quick guide to whether or not you want to consume the material. If it doesn’t do that it’s gotta be fixed.

              Of course, it is about programming. I wrote it based on years of coding apps in all kinds of situations. In addition, I’ve used this essay as a launching-off point to change the way I’ve coded since then. The problem is that it’s one of those situations where you stand back from a job and ask “Just what the hell are we doing here? And why?” So nope, the programming tag was not appropriate.

              Hey, everybody’s grumpy. I think sometimes instead of interacting with folks online I start trying to debug them. That usually doesn’t turn out well for either of us! :)