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    I agree that webrings should make a comeback, but WebRing.org still exists and I don’t really see any benefit to having git as the datastore unless you can submit a site without issuing a pull-request. The opengraph/cards are definitely a nice touch though.

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      Wow, one look at WebRing.org explains to me why its existence is not enough to dissuade the creation of a new webring implementation. It’s a mess of ads and poor design. While it’s only nerd-compatible, I do like the idea of an implementation which results in a JSON representation that can be dropped into a static site. To be able to implement modern webrings in a way that doesn’t add to the “one more thing on the net that’s tracking me” seems like a win.

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      I joked about making webrings come back on my twitter account probably 5 years ago. Literally said it should be a github repo hosting the webring assets and you use pull requests to join.

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        I always liked the idea of these. The rise of the centralized web due to contraction around high-profile social media sites really suppressed the findability of small, related sites via the author’s interests. I’m tired of algorithms telling me to look at things, and I’d rather see related content curated by the author of the pages I’m viewing. Thank you for pushing for this idea again. I like the HTML5 webring-banner tags, great use of the standard.