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    The way that it runs an ssh compatible server is pretty novel (to me). ⭐️ Seems like a lightweight option for a small team or a solo project that wants to completely self-host and not rely on or connect to gitlab/hub? I guess you also get transport security without SSL.

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      SSH TUIs can be difficult on some screenreader setups.

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        @snan how does a screen reader interpret a TUI? Are there any TUI libraries that help with accessibility for screen readers?

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          That might be a good idea for a project but the problem is that the semantics and the layout are complected. This is exarcbated over SSH but the problem exists locally as well. This is specific to TUI, not CLI.

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            good to know, but my understanding is now that there is no solution, except for not creating any TUIs - and that is probably out of scope for this project

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              Right, or, not depending on TUIs as the only interface for a resource.

              This is otherwise a cool project and I sent a patch for an unrelated a11y issue (confusing help text). Maybe in the future there can also be a text interface (for example html or gemtext) served on another port.

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                depending on TUIs as the only interface for a resource

                good idea, I think that’s a useful advice

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          If it is a “TUI”, it is per definition not “for the command line”. It is just a really bad GUI.

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            This is one of my most petty pet peeves TBH, along with people not understanding the difference between a shell and a terminal.