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Here for the first time, a German manager confesses his company’s total dependence on Google.

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    Mathias is the CEO of Axel Springer, one of the biggest publishing companies in Europe. A great and interesting read.

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      I don’t understand what was the purpose of his letter. What is he hoping to achieve?

      All the facts he stated about Google are true because they create great software that makes people’s lives easier. The reason why this happens is because they try to hire the best people they can find offering them all the benefits for which Google is very well known for. The day Google turns evidently evil, people will start leaving and governments will start applying restrictions to the company’s growth, for example.

      I suppose that the author of the letter, as many people whose business depend on Google’s services, feel uneasy because they now find that they’re too dependent on the company. Well, who’s to blame for that?

      To the author, I would recommend the same that I recommend to friends who feel uncomfortable with Google’s power: duckduckgo, a search engine that in my opinion is very good.

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        Well, in my opninion the point is you are loosing your freedom to decide by yourself, as he says

        recommending to an opponent of nuclear power that he just stop using electricity

        or as shown here

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          Publishers who rely on Google to drive traffic to their websites cannot solve their dependence on Google so easily.