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    You can already see a kind of schism between what I think of as the Information Web and the Commercial Web and I only see it getting bigger. I already use two different browsers for each of these purposes, Firefox for informationn and Chromium for anything commercial. The compartmentalisation is actually quite helpful.

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      DRM is better called “Digital Restrictions Management”. It doesn’t let me manage my rights; often it infringes upon my rights because some corp somewhere believes that because I want to “consume” their “content”, they should have carte blanche to mess around with my computer.

      Approving EME was a colossal betrayal of the open web and its users, and one I’m angry about to this day.

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        This is exactly how I expected things would go when I was (loudly and repeatedly) arguing against EME on the W3C mailing list and on HN, years ago.

        One thing that really stood out for me at the time was that the requirements driving the adoption of EME by the W3C were confidential, and could not be shared with the public. Yep, that’s right: the W3C endorsed a standard for reasons they weren’t at liberty to share. The betrayal that endgame mentions is perhaps deeper and more troubling than most people realise.

        From this thread:

        There are many such contracts and they are confidential, so unfortunately I can’t post them.

        I understand your position - caught in the middle - but you’re asking us as a group to propose technical solutions to requirements that we are prohibited from reading. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd? Likewise, you’re asking the W3C to compromise their Open Web principles on behalf of those same secret requirements.

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          So guys, when do we plan on a version of the web us techs, academics, and whoever else cares, care about?

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            I’ve observed a number of people in those categories testing the Gopher waters again - myself included. Perhaps it’d make a good alternative? Far from great, but almost all the infrastructure and software is pre-existing.

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              Come on in. The water’s great.

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                I’m busy making my own swimming pool: https://lobste.rs/s/b7lt29/show_your_personal_websites#c_6veoft :)

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              Yggdrasil and darkhttpd?