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    Unable to read due to being on Medium :(

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        Did you try from incognito?

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        Requires login to read it -> nope.

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          There is an “x” in the overlay to close it. You don’t have to log in.

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            I think that depends on how many articles from medium you’ve read that month. I opened the article at work and there was overlay that didn’t have “x” and required me to log in.

            Edit: https://imgur.com/a/1kSEv9d <- just opened few other articles, I think the limit is something like four articles.

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              That’s unfortunate :(

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          (Nitpick: they mean Choose-your-own-adventure, not RPG.)

          This seems like a really, really simplistic tutorial. Maybe useful for beginning programmers. If you actually want to create a full CYOA type game, the obvious tool to reach for is Twine.

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            nitpick to the nitpick:

            I think the borders are not clearly defined. A very elaborate CYOA with certain features (inventory? stats? character creation? character classes? party system? combat?) can be a simple single player RPG.

            You’re right for the scope of the thing described though.

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              Agreed. The “Sorcery!”games have crossed that line, despite being ports of old CYOA books.

              InkleWriter is a more advanced CYOA tool that looks like it could support that kind of game.