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    Android Oreo superpowers, coming to a device near you

    Yeah right…

    7.0 Nougat runs on 12.3% devices.

    7.1 Nougat runs on 1.2% devices.

    I have 4-5 androids at home, none of them even run Nougat (yay, Google f***ed up update scheme with vendors and carriers). So no, I don’t expect a single one near me.

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      I, on the other hand, have had my device reliably and quickly updated since I bought it running Android 5.0, and will get Oreo. YMMV.

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        What device do you have?

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          Nexus 5X.

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      What is “Google Play Protect” introduced in this version? Does it mean Google Play became more closed and more like Apple’s App Store? Or that users using custom firmwares will have more troubles?

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        Looks like it’s some form of antimalware:

        Google Play Protect checks apps when you download them. It also periodically scans your device. If it finds a potentially harmful app, it stops the app from running, and may:

        • Warn you. If an app is detected that may be harmful to your device, you’ll get a notification. To remove the app, tap Uninstall on the notification.
        • Remove the app automatically. In some cases, if a harmful app has been detected, you may get a notification saying the app was removed.
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          It strongly resembles an antivirus system, which I suppose is designed to substitute for some kind of quality control.