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      Gee nothing would put me off Redis as a newbie like being told to read six books, most of which are old and not about Redis specifically.

      The whole attraction of Redis, IMO, is it’s a grab-bag of basic functions and you assemble your stuff with it, while trying to keep things as simple as possible. You don’t need a book, the docs are plenty. If you’re trying to use it as a microservice backend or whatever, then, uh, are you sure you can’t use a normal database (and are you sure you want microservices)?

      I’d be steering well clear of any association with NoSQL, too, if I was their marketing team (who presumably wrote this) - no-one’s hyping Mongo, Cassandra, HBase etc anymore…

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        Also it’s a very bad idea to also teach other technologies in your learning materials.

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      When I saw this article, at first I thought it was a joke, but now I think something is borked with my browser, because it looks like this. I don’t think that is how they intended the fonts to come out and it looks fine on my phone too. Does anyone know how to debug font stuff on Firefox?

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        This might sometimes happen because of bad font fallbacks by the website and for some reason, the intended web-font could not be loaded(server down/some extension blocking it etc). But could be entirely something else in your case, let us know!

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        “Inspect element” the text. In the CSS panel, if you hover over the font-family definition it will show you the computed value. From there you should be able to find which font is being used and why.