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    Highlight since it’s a nice, mental model presented in order of priority:

    Building great software means playing the long game

    For the sake of society

    1. Does this improve peoples’ lives?

    2. Could this be misused for harm?

    3. What users have been excluded?

    4. Is this ethical?

    5. Is this legal?

    For the sake of business

    1. What is the business strategy?

    2. Does it reduce our flexibility to pivot our strategy?

    For the sake of technology

    1. Am I using the right tool for the job?

    2. Is this something new or are we reinventing the wheel?

    3. Am I incurring technical debt.

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      Could this be misused for harm?

      A friend of mine turned down a pretty nice research position when he realized his work would primarily go into weapons control systems. Oddly enough, years later, I ended up in a D&D group with the daughter of another guy who worked on that team. Small world.

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        That stuff trips me out. Props for the first person. No judgement on 2nd since I compromised with that: if they’re to be written, Id rather them hit their target instead of random folks. I want top talent on controls for things that go boom. ;)