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    I find it too bad that:

    1. This is a product placement (PLUMA), that isn’t even available until 2021…
    2. This doesn’t even test one of the most used platform (github static pages).
    3. Doesn’t mention cost of each option.

    Although, as mentioned, that’s a start :)

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      1. I hesitated to put PLUMA in there but I went for it because I will be able to reference the article in the future. I kept the marketing to a minimum :)
      2. I’m actually working on that right now! It will take a couple of days since I need to repeat the same access patterns of cached/uncached responses to keep things fair.
      3. Some providers charge you by bandwidth, others by number of requests, others don’t charge you at all… Since a direct comparison wasn’t really possible I didn’t want to add too much fluff to the article and keep it about performance.
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      I’d be interested in seeing the results for just like a droplet with decently configured nginx.

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        You think it would be very different than the Digital Ocean results without CDN?

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          If I didn’t misread, the DO stuff was done using their object service, right? I’m curious what we could expect if we just rolled our own on their VPSs.

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            Oh yes, the benchmark used the object storage.

            My question was more if you think NginX would be faster than the object storage.

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              I think it might compare favorably, but I don’t know for sure–so, benchmarking. :)

              My reasoning is basically that there may be additional stuff in the object storage stack. I’ve grown skeptical of cloud offerings for stuff that people used to do themselves.

              Also, thank you again for your work on this, in case it hasn’t already been said enough!

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        Flagging since it’s product placement. It would have been better if you had explicitly called it out.

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          It says so in the first sentence of the article. If that’s not explicit I don’t know what it is.

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            I mean in the tags. Or the title. There are these indicators for a reason.

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              IMO it really didn’t make sense to put it in the title since it was barely a mention and not the focus of the content.

              As for the tags this was my first submission and I totally missed it. I’m sorry, I will pay more attention next time.

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                That sounds reasonable! I hope PLUMA goes well :)

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