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    This may be the edgiest thing I’ve ever posted here–note the electron microscope work. This is a really neat read for my mechanical engineering and material science peeps.

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      There’s plenty more experiments here, including SEM images: https://scienceofsharp.wordpress.com/

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        Haha, very cool.

        I just skipped to the end to see what their conclusion was:

        The major conclusion of the study is that of the three honing methods studied, the best method for removing thebur and setting the edge angle is clearly a final polish on leather loaded with a polishingcompound such as the chromium oxide or diamond compounds used here.

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          This is very useful to me as I struggle quite a lot with adequately sharpening my knives and it’s hard to navigate through all the bullshit from the “online experts”.

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            There’s lots of fun stuff in some of the shaving forums on both safety-razor blades and straight/cutthroat razors sometimes also involving electron microscopes.

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              There is also this book by Verhoeven for all who want to understand steel and what’s going on when hitting it with a hammer while it’s hot.

              Edit: There’s also a German translation called “Stahl-Metallurgie für Einsteiger: Komplizierte Zusammenhänge verständlich erklärt” which is highly regarded.