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Slides available here


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    Relatedly, these slides present a horrifying attack surface.

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      From the summary:

      • Era of cheap, commodity general-purpose computing has ended

        • Consumer machines are cryptograpically locked

        • Consumer markets have shifted to rental / cloud

      • Libre software advocates have three choices

        • Use cheap, low-end, reverse engineered machines for as long as they remain unlocked

        • Accept loss of owner control (and libre software)

        • Pay for full featured, owner-controlled machines

      For now, the last generation of unlocked hardware (Intel 2008, AMD 2013) is not so far out of date as to be unbearable. As time goes on, I may just have to spring for option #3.

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        I’m cheap, so a few years older is fine for me for AMD :) Well until it the year 2020 or so.