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    but my British neurologist did not read my records or perform examinations. My GP read the note and informed me: He would not prescribe me painkillers. He would not send me for a second opinion from a neurologist, or treatment from any other specialist.

    I have chronic health difficulties and have had a lot of dealing with the NHS. These problems are very real, but you as a patient have a very solid recourse for it, you can always ask for a different GP.

    You go through as many as you have to until you find one that is willing to treat you. When you sit down with the new one, explain your american diagnosis, then your problem (specifically in this order so you get them on your side first), and then explain that the neurologist that put that in your notes did not listen to the american neurologists, and that you would like a second opinion.

    You do this as many times as you require until you get somewhere.

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      I started to develop pain from typing, so I forced myself to learn Dvorak. Virtually no pain at all anymore.

      It’s not the same thing as the article describes, but I figured others here might be able to relate.

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        Wait. So, you still have no diagnosis nor treatment in the UK? Man, doctors can suck =(