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    The GB-PC1 has all the functionality of any commercial, proprietary NAS

    I currently work with a large NetApp cluster, and find this statement comically overconfident.

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      “Personal cloud” seems a bit oxymoronic. It’s just a box a NAS.

      But it seems cool. Anyone running storage at home should just know that everything is fine right up until the point that nothing is fine. I run a home storage machine and use ZFS which protects me from some pain but it still requires thought and care to make it such that when a drive goes bad, not all your data is lost.

      Any idea if something like this could run Plex? It’s a bit under-powered in the RAM department. One of the benefits of having my own storage machine is having my own Netflix for what few things I don’t stream.

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        I’m currently running plex on odroid-c1. Most of the time it runs flawlessly just sometimes plex complains that realtime conversion of some of the movies is not supported.