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    Article talks about how they have less than 1U (1.75”) of space between trays with a lip on the bottom so they can’t fit a particular piece of hardware he wants. Is there a reason they can’t just not install the trays in every mounting hole on the racks? Just move a shelf up one mounting hole. This seems like an artificial constraint.

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      They didn’t have any more holes at the top of the rack. The way shelves work would have left it wonky without both holes screwed in (they are two post, so they need four screws on the front side to really stand up).

      The reason you don’t do this in real racks is airflow is always from cold isle to hot isle and you don’t want to let hot air spill back through the front. But they don’t seem to have plugged many of the other holes to keep airflow unidirectional.

      Though I agree, it does seem to be more aesthetics than functionality in this case.

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        Sadly the holes on the vertical mounting posts are not evenly spaced: the gap between the hole at the top of one U and the bottom of the next U is less than the gap between the centre hole in the U and its top and bottom holes. You can see this if you look closely at the diagrams in TFA, and the photo that shows one of the rear posts.