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    Using these to run python 3.9 on various CI environments with all sorts of different linux and windows distributions that dont bring recent python versions. Never have failed me!

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      The technical notes are fascinating, https://python-build-standalone.readthedocs.io/en/latest/technotes.html in how they bootstrap the build environment.

      I usually build the Python I deploy against in production so I know I have symbols, etc and you can ship the Python version inside the deb. Basically all the reasons you would use containers, but I also want a platform independent way to control my runtime and its deps. I need to be able to build and debug the full stack in production, I know distros make this possible, it is probably even “the right” thing to do, but self assembling a build tree for Python is quick task, but even quicker now that I found this. That incredibly rambling statement means, for all those reasons, I think this tool looks pretty rad.

      Does anyone have experience with this tool? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.