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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Learning Django, anyone has had a similar experience where you build something quick in Flask but then it suffers a bit of “cohesiveness”? Hard to describe. There are a bunch of Flask-SomePackageThatDoesOneThing in my dependencies. I’ve been reading Django docs and almost everything is included. Need to generate a sitemap.xml? You got it. I need to hack the auth system so it works with our current passwordless auth (sends an email login link), and a few other customizations (setup loggers, prometheus/loki, etc). Overall, Django appears to be impressive. Any suggestions appreciated.

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      Django’s real killer feature is the admin site. With a bit of customization, it can be super useful for internal use. (i.e. within your team or company)

      It also mixes well with their ORM, because keys can be strings like field__startswith, etc.

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        The big problem for me in writing complex application with Flask is the circular dependencies.

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        Traveling to Berlin for PyConDE

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          • Setting up an Enviro+ with the PMS5003 particulate matter sensor because I’ve been a bit worried about air quality in London.
          • Trying to figure out whether I want to do a deep dive and write-up in one of the topics on my research list (probably RSA attacks), or whether to do something more hands-on
          • Assassin’s Creed Origins :)
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            For ${DAYJOB}:

            1. I’m going to continue banging my head against the desk while writing custom PHP extensions.
            2. I’d like to spend some time open sourcing some of the work we’ve been doing behind-the-scenes.

            For HardenedBSD:

            1. Get caught up on the financials and updates to the site.
            2. Develop a 2022 roadmap, four months late. ;-)

            For ${REAL_LIFE}:

            1. Clock in forty miles on the bike (of the pedal variety), three of which with my dog Vader.
            2. Do the dishes and laundry.
            3. Rip up some of the tile in our bathroom in preparation for a full renovation towards the end of the month. I need to see if there’s any damage to the subfloor. This is the first renovation to the bathroom since the home was constructed in the 1980’s.
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              For $HOME:

              • Still progressing with the new kitchen build.

              For $COMPANY:

              • Hopefully some progress on the deployment tool, but that will depend on the results of $HOME each day too.
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                Few weeks ago I swapped the Golf GTI for a Fiesta ST, so heading out on a mini road trip through North Wales for breakfast in Betws-y-Coed before heading to the coast to help my mate finish getting his yacht ready for sailing. She relaunched last weekend and didn’t sink. Winter maintenance work was a success!

                Also have a couple of blog post ideas on the todo list. We’ll see if I get anything written, but things are percolating around the noggin for sure. April isn’t the latest I’ve posted a first post of the year, I’ve got another three months in hand to clear that hurdle.

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                  I am going to try and revive the gaming PC that my kid uses, again. I built it a couple years ago (with the excuse “hey we can get masks from Newegg if I order some gear”) and it worked great for a while and then stopped powering on; when you hit the power switch, things turn on for a split second and then go dead.

                  I moved it to my office to work on it and it mysteriously started working again; a couple days later it stopped working. I figured that the problem was something was loose and took it completely apart and put it back together, and it worked for a few months, and now it’s back to not working. I hate PCs.

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                    Flaky PSU or motherboard, alas.

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                    • Pokemon Legends: Arceus
                    • Basic planning for re-doing our fire pit area with flatstone + brick
                    • …Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It’s really fun, okay?!
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                      Sleeping. Been working my ass off at a product demo all week, and we’re gonna do it again next week except bigger and more.

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                        Curious what your product is if you aren’t tired of talking about it by now!

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                          My company makes drone autonomy software, we’re showing it off installed on a long-range transport drone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th7A16YVb94

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                            That is amazing!

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                        • My LNA is arrived today, I will try to make it work with the RTLSDR receiver
                        • Writing a piece of the application that I am preparing to vote online at my village festival
                        • Riding bike (not great weather and strong wind)